25 mai 2005

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Joseph Shéridan Le Fanu, borned in 1814 and died in 1873. He was the creator of the "Short Strop", a kind of literature which was very successful in England at the end of the 19th century. It was mainly some fantastics stories. But it's Carmilla, is real novel which deserves son intention. In fact this story, which was published in 1871, must be the first modern female vampire's story, and it was the causes of the inspiration of Bram Stocker to his novel Dracula. Here is an extract from Carmilla.

carmilla_1_"But I have to describe her first. she was faller than the most womens, slim, and with an amazing grace. In spit of her languishing gesture, nothing let supose she was ill. She had a radiant colouring, refined features, large sparkling dark eyes, gorgeos hairs, I have never seen any so thick, so long, when they are unwinded on her shoulders. They were exquisitely. Silley, and of a warm brown with some golden glint. With her, in her room, while she was on a deckchair, she spoke to me with a low and soft voice, I loved loose them, coil them, smeeth them, down and play with them. She put her beautiful arms round my neck, drew me to her and, putting her cheek on mine, whishpered, touching lightly, with her lipps my ear: "my dear, don't think l'amtarsh because I lease the irresistible low which make my strenght and my weakness if your heart is hurt, my heart bleed with yours. I live of your warm life, and you, you will die- you will die slowly- of mine. That's the way, I can't prevent anything as I come toward you, at your turn, you will come towards others and you will know the drunken nees. Of this cruelty which is some love. But, now, don't try to know me for the moment, content you to trust me and to love me."

  It was an extract from Carmilla, written in 1872. Here Le Fanu describe us this female vampire as a being on this earth, as she was voluptunessful and freshnessful. Laura, the narrator, is irresistibly attracted by the beautiful and enigmatic Carmilla.

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