25 mai 2005

Bram Stocker

  Bram Stocker, his true name is Abraham, borned in 1847 and died in 1873. He was an Irish writer. The theater talk about vampire. This is Alexandre Dumas who has tried but without any sucess. It's when Dracula by Stocker is arrived that the vampire has taken a scale in litterature. Everything has been copied with nuances. The vampire has began to be noctural, polymorphous... But Bram Stocker is inspired himself from legends, and from recognized stories. The novelty is in the fact that he left with historic characters: Vlad Tepes alias Dracula. Dracula, is an english Gothic story. It has had a great success because there is in, the evil's triumph. The book plays on urges of reader. Then, many theatens are resume this story. We can that Dracula has known real success.


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