25 mai 2005

Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson, borned in New Jersey in 1929, he was a professional journalist, and turn to writeing in his 24th years. he was writed I am a legend in 1954. Nowaday, he's still writtering.

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    The story isn't tortuous. Robert Neville is all simply the last survivor on Earth. The full humanity has been decimated by a strange virus and terrible.Terrible because it change his victim on vampire after his death. No doubt owner of a special gene, only our robert has survived. After have seen everybody who he loves die ones after others, we imagine without sadness his suffering for tempt to take back a "normal" life. Above all when all nights, he must draughtproof in his house for escape at hordes of vampires who look for catch.

   Luckily for him, this drinken of blood were not so intelligent and a good systemof security stop them easily. With means of, he akttle laboratory to make some search on the virus. More than find an antidote, he need to discover why the humanity has totaly sinked facing the illness. a mean as an other to take still a sense at his life.

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