25 mai 2005

Anne Rice..

Anne Rice borned in 1941 in New-Orleans, her true name is Howard Hellen O'Brien, American writter who buried in the writting at the death of her daugther at 6 years old. Her first success, Interview with a vampire

interview_1_1            lareine_1_            lestatl_1_1       Anne Rice's vampire are some démons incanated in human corpse, which remember about the living of his corpse. They are very beautiful and charming, but very mysterious. Their corpse don't changed anymore ( their hair don't grow), but they have a reflection in the mirror.  They used to live in band is undergrounds unknown by the humans. However, some lone vampires live in their overgrownd houses, generaly isoled. They all sleep in their "cercueil". Their memory is very sharpened, sometimes they have premonitory dreams. They avoid of the civilized world and have a deep hatred for everything which isreligious. Morever, they are impulsives, live from day to day and miss of wisdom and serenity. To acquire power, the vampire have to drink their Queen's Blood (to fly for example or to de day reveller importants quantities of human blood. Their weakness zre the fire (he can die), the sun. To feed on blood, they use different tactics, they invite young careless girl on their home, or conceal their murders during the crowd movment or during an important epidemic (like the plague), in order that's the dead body. Don't check anybody. More stange again, they organised plays theater, making believe they are comedians and kill the public persons.                                                   

   Anne Rice has offered to the vampire, something that no else writer had manage to give them: a soul. In a gothic and flamboyant style, which is in all her novel, the questions about the Right and the evil, the life and the death, and the fact that it could be exist some beauty in the darkness.

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